News and Analysis (5/26/14)

At least three Muslim youths were killed and mutilated by a Christian militia in the Central African Republic while on their way to play in a reconciliation football game between the two faiths,

“The leader of Nigeria’s Muslims on Sunday called for followers of the faith to unite against Boko Haram extremists, pledging the government full support to ensure their defeat … [and that] the government should address issues of inequality toward Muslims, which … [have fueled] the five-year insurgency”:

As Egypt conducts an election from which popular opposition parties have been excluded …

… “Egypt is redefining authoritarianism by both institutionalizing the ‘deep state’ and crystallizing military rule… [by employing] three important elements: the closing of political space, the elimination of public dissent, and the removal of the trappings of democracy” …

… and a “former Muslim Brotherhood leader has warned that government oppression in Egypt is fanning militancy that will pose a threat abroad unless the army-backed authorities start respecting freedom and human rights“:

Netanyahu prompted the Pope to visit the “Memorial to the Victims of Terror” after the latter’s “surprise stop at the hulking concrete [apartheid wall], daubed with anti-Israeli graffiti, which separates Bethlehem and Jerusalem” …

… but journalist Max Blumenthal explains the demographic reasons why Israel can never respect the lives or property rights of Palestinians:

After he shaved his head in solidarity with his bullied student, other students laughed at him, but he “would tell them that many scientists, many intellectuals had no hair on their heads, and that having no hair is no problem.’ Soon, every student in the class had also shaved his head. The bullying stopped”:

A Christian school certainly has a right to reject women who violate Christian principles, but exactly how does dressing like Mary, the mother of Jesus, (peace be upon them both)  constitute a violation of Christian principles?

“A new PBS documentary [‘Valentino’s Ghost’] reveals how films and other media have shaped an anti-Muslim narrative…. PBS indicated that it would not use the film without considerable changes. Much of the excising relates to segments critical of Israel and its policies, as well as its U.S. lobby, AIPAC”:

“The parliament session was held amid tight security in a palace east of the capital after the renegade general’s forces said that the legitimacy of the parliament has expired. A spokesman for Gen. Khalifa Hifter had threatened Saturday to attack the parliament session if it convened”:

“[T]his isn’t a battle over beliefs — it’s a battle over culture.” Many “mosques need new habits and more hospitality”:






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