News and Analysis (5/28/14)

This is NOT a satire. These are actual Egyptian newscasters expressing their amazement and frustration at the fact that Egyptian voters are not willing to participate in the sham election of Sisi …

… but the regime is even more panicked than their minions in the media desperately and ineffectually opening the polls for an unscheduled third day:

“Supporters of President Assad’s government will be keen to demonstrate their loyalty…. [and o]thers who are not hardcore backers of the opposition may feel the government is going to survive, and fear they will not be able to return home if they do not vote”:

“If the last 11 months have been brutal for the Brotherhood, they have also been transformative for the women who have long operated in its shadow: the Muslim Sisterhood”:

US efforts on the 300 girls is small and may not help. But it is large enough to start ‘mission creep’ and get America blamed for a war on Islam…. Nigerian military officers yesterday claimed to know where the girls are being held”:

A new definition for khutzba? The state corrections department claims it need not offer Muslims the same food it offers Jews because it incarcerates so many more Muslims that Jews:

“Transferring control of one of the most sensitive sites on the planet to an extreme, exclusionary organization such as Elad is an act of colossal irresponsibility…. Elad controlling turf immediately below Al Aqsa mosque is a nightmare scenario”:

“A half-dozen other organizations, including the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Association of University Teachers, have offered support to the Muslim group” that has charged the PM’s chief spokesman with libel:

“A Turkish court on Monday ordered the arrests of four former Israeli military commanders being tried in absentia over the killing of nine people aboard a Turkish aid ship that tried to break a Gaza blockade in 2010”:

Even the State  Department recognizes the situation in Libya has become dangerous for Americans and  warns ‘US citizens “to depart immediately” and “against all but essential travel to Tripoli and against any travel outside the Libyan capital”:






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