News and Analysis (5/30/14)

Egypt is claiming the turnout in the election of Sisi is not as bad as initially reported, and moves to prove it by arresting a woman they accuse of”charged with filming empty polling stations during the country’s presidential election this week”:

Under pressure for his defense of pastor’s sermon characterizing Islam as a “doctrine spawned in hell,” Northern Ireland’s First Minister was quick to explain that he was supporting the pastor’s freedom of speech, not the bigotry of the sermon itself:

Jonathan threatens “total war”, but Nigeria is awash with speculation “of a possible deal would be Boko Haram freeing some or all of the girls in return for the government releasing Boko Haram operatives and/or their wives and children who are currently extra-judicially detained without charge”:

A “2006 law, passed after Hamas won elections, … explicitly forbids US aid for a ‘Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority’. That provision is already being interpreted by some in Congress as being applicable to a technocratic government backed by Hamas”:

“[T]he 18-to-36-year-olds who make up a majority of the country … are challenging what one Pakistani Millennial calls the “culture of dependency” and want to build a more self-reliant Pakistan”:

“A Pakistani man demanding justice after his pregnant wife was murdered outside Lahore’s high court this week admitted on Thursday to strangling his first wife … [saying,] ‘I was in love with Farzana and killed my first wife because of this love’”:

Dr. Wani said international outcry against his wife’s unjust sentencing to death plus one hundred lashes has been “a real boost” and “it is his wife’s right to choose her own religion”, adding,  “She grew up… with her mother, went to the church and I don’t think that means that she” has broken any laws:

The deadline for “the British government’s controversial review of the Muslim Brotherhood … comes just as Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi is confirmed as Egypt’s next president….  If its purpose was, as the critics charge, to please Arab autocrats, it conclusions look unlikely to help”:

The Iraq Inquiry “decision to exclude full details of correspondence between Mr Blair and former US president George Bush has angered the families of British personnel who lost their lives in Iraq”:






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