News and Analysis (3/26/09)

Details remain vague as multiple sources link air raids, that were possibly carried out by  Israeli aircraft, to the US:

“[L]iberal Zionists … will soon have to decide whether they want a Jewish state or a democratic one” — Daphna Baram:

Accusations link the ISI with providing fuel, ammunition, and recruits for Taliban fighters and offering Lashkar-e-Taiba intelligence and protection:

Among the many challenges of Afghani reconstruction programs, 75% of the population is illiterate and the average annual income is $800:

As reform candidates criticize Ahmadinejad for making “a mess of socioeconomic and political structures” …

…Ali Larijani’s reaction to Obama’s recent overture to Iran is that   changes in policy rather than mere language are needed:

Despite the overwhelming evidence, Israel continues to deny any misuse of white phosphorus:

The strategy is aimed at curbing Karzai’s power while providing more aid to local resources rather than allowing the national government to allocate it:


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