News and Analysis (3/28-29/09)

Officials would have been wise to remember, under extreme duress a prisoner will say anything you want to hear …

… but even if arrest warrants are issued, the probability of arrests remains extremely low:

To pressure Hamas to release its one Israeli captive, four thousand “inmates will be denied access to television, radio, newspapers, telephones and online education, and their jail canteen allowances will be reduced”:

Without fundamental reform, monetary aid continues to go to waste…

… and Iraq shows how quickly alliances based only on money break down …

… yet Zardari and Karzai welcome American foreign aid:

Critics say ACTA (a treaty negotiated in secret on “national security” grounds) aimed at protecting copyrights will give border guards unprecedented powers “to go through, copy, and confiscate any digital material” on any laptop including “personal material”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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