News and Analysis (3/31/09)

Unable to obtain enough evidence to detain the victims, Sgt. Mayo took rule of law into his own hands by handcuffing, blindfolding and executing the suspects:

Favoring a de-centralized government, Kurds stand to lose the most:

With Chief Justice Chaudhry back at the helm, ruling allows Shahbaz Sharif to return to his post as chief minister of Punjab:

The Chinese government has begun to engage in nighttime raids going from house to house to eliminate “illegal religious activity”:

Iran wants a strategy focused on training the Afghan army and police forces:

Israeli human rights groups including B’Tselem and Yesh Din believe a broad, independent investigation of the Gaza operation is needed because “they don’t trust the Israeli military to police itself” …

… meanwhile, Israel prosecutes two journalists for violating its censorship laws in their reports on the attack on Gaza:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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