News and Analysis (7/14/14)

“Israeli drones are a constant presence in the skies over Gaza, buzzing loudly as they watch and attack targets in the Strip. But the Palestinian drone is a new turn in this conflict, now entering its second week. More than 170 people have been killed in Gaza … with around 1,300 wounded”:

His offer to open “his home in northern Israel to residents from the south of the country to allow them a brief respite from the stress of living under the round-the-clock threat of incoming Hamas rockets” is obviously symbolic, but a welcome change nonetheless:

“The applicants argued that the by-law forbidding religious symbols on the beach established by the mayor amounted to ‘religious discrimination’ that ‘violates the principles of the Republic’”:

“Archbishop of Canterbury says number of young people travelling to Syria is ‘extraordinarily small’”:

“At a news conference with both presidential candidates — Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah — Kerry stated: ‘Every single ballot that was cast will be audited’”:

“While volunteers have signed up to defend Shiite shrines in Iraq, Iran is leery of entanglement and suspicious of US motives. Iraq’s parliament remains deadlocked on forming a new government”:

Status quo ante. Muslim Brotherhood is banned; NDP is back …

… so it’s no surprise that Egypt’s “new rulers, who ousted an Islamist president last year, may be less keen on helping Hamas this time”:

“The US military has concluded he walked away from his base without authorisation before his capture but has stopped short of accusing him of desertion”

“Many activist groups had criticised Young’s announcement of an Israeli concert”, but now Young says “that he and Crazy Horse would be making donations to two charities … ;that teach music to Palestinian and Israeli youth simultaneously by enabling them to play music together’”:






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