News and Analysis (8/27/14)

So far the truce brings relief to Gazans and heat to Netanyahu:

Actor and playwright (and brother of one of my college roommates) Wallace Shawn “translates” an ad placed by the ADL in defense of the Israeli massacre of Gazan children:

Unable to believe that it is his dictatorship that fuels the opposition, Sisi accuse Egypt’s “great minds and brilliant brains” of selling out to sinister foreign forces:

In Syria, arms from Iran help the Kurds to defend against IS, while a border post falls to the rebels but Syria offer coordination with the US effort against IS while warning unilateral strikes will be treated as aggression:

The US suspects the UAE and Qatar are behind the Libyan bombing raids, and that may only be the beginning of expanded military intervention from the Gulf states:

“The reported initiative by Qatar coincides with an effort by the tiny state to rebut accusations by some of its Arab neighbors and Western politicians that it supports the most anti-Western militant armed groups in Iraq and Syria”:

From Michigan to Noray Muslims denounce the IS:

Worse than stupid,  Charles Lister, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar says that Israels attempt to equate Hamas with the IS is dangerous:

“Fazal Ahmad Manawi, an adviser to Mr. Abdullah, told reporters in Kabul that the audit of more than 8 million ballots from the June 14 runoff election is a “joke” and called for the immediate adoption of stricter procedures in order to identify and destroy fraudulent ballots”:

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