News and Analysis (8/31/14)

“Six senior Islamic scholars have endorsed the fatwa … describing Britons allied to Islamic State cells as ‘heretics'” and stating that they should fulfill their “‘moral obligation’ to help those in war-torn Syria and Iraq … without betraying their own societies”:

“Iraqi security forces backed by Shi’ite militias on Sunday broke the two-month siege of Amerli by Islamic State militants and entered the northern town” …

… but IS’s skill at “adapting shows the scale of problems ahead for … Obama, the Pentagon and U.S.-backed Iraqi and Kurdish forces, as they struggle to reclaim ground from the Sunni militants, who have seized a third of both Iraq and Syria, and want to establish a jihadist hub in the heart of the Arab world”:

In Egypt, international “[r]ights defenders had until Tuesday to agree to government interference or face closure. But after a fierce international backlash the deadline was delayed on Sunday until November” …

… while the  the Giza Criminal Court  has decided it shall only kill Mohamed Badie once:

Israeli spent half of its annual $3 billion allowance from the U.S. on the Gaza massacres, but don’t expect daddy to put his foot down:

… as Israel adds theft to murder in what “Peace Now, an Israeli group that monitors settlements, said this is the biggest ‘land confiscation’ since the 1980s”:

For years she refused to wear one, then she insisted on wearing one, then she abandoned it, now she has taken a job that will require it. It’s a woman’s right to change her mind:

As Libya continues to unravel, a U.S. facility falls and residents confront a choice between abandoning their homes to looting or risking abduction by militants:

“Mr Khawaja’s lawyer, Mohammed al-Jishi, said Ms Khawaja, the co-director of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, was denied entry and told that she had been stripped of her Bahraini citizenship. She was later granted a visa but was detained for seven days”:

“Clashes erupted between al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels and U.N. peacekeepers … on Saturday after the militants surrounded their encampment … as the international organization risked being sucked further into the conflict. Other U.N. peacekeepers were able to flee from a different encampment”:

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