News and Analysis (9/8/14)

“The Arab League also endorsed in the closing statement of its meeting in Cairo a UN Security Council resolution passed last month calling on member states to ‘act to suppress the flow of foreign fighters, financing and other support to Islamist extremist groups in Iraq and Syria’:

“ISIS also reportedly had come to believe [the journalist] was an Israeli agent based on information from derived from prisoners during interrogations, which likely included torture”:

Sources claim torture went way beyond waterboarding. “The White House and the State Department fear that the Senate report could still cause a backlash and have made preparations for increased security at sensitive sites when it is eventually published”:

Al-Shabab quickly replaces its leader killed in a US air strike, but the Somali government reacts with a security shakeup:

“A woman who grew up raised not to lie, raised to be a pacifist — and yet here she was doing one of the most dangerous missions in the war and doing it when many people backed away” — Alex Kronemer,  executive producer of the docudrama, Enemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story (Tuesday on PBS):

Unsatisfied with taking Palestinian land, water, and lives, Israel now steals their natural gas:

A Qatari official insists the detainees are being treated consistently “‘with the principles of human rights’ outlined in the laws of Qatar, and that British embassy officials have visited them to check on their situation. An official at the British embassy in Doha confirmed on Sunday that the mission is providing consular assistance to the men”:

As the AKP attempts “to prevent reversals of Turkey’s accomplishments over the past decade,” the question arises, “Does the civilization discourse of the AK Party, which ended the exclusion of religious Muslims and the Kurds from the public sphere, produce a form of, albeit more inclusive, nationalism?”

“A U.S. State Department official said the plane had failed to update its flight plan after leaving Bagram several hours late for Dubai, on a route that took it over Iran. When Iranian civil aviation officials identified the plane, they could not find it in their system because it was supposed to have flown through hours earlier”:

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