News and Analysis (9/13/14)

“‘Muslim Americans are very troubled by the images they have seen of beheading innocent people, especially our fellow Americans,’ said Imam Magid. U.S. Muslim leaders have been quick to condemn videos like this one released by IS. Rizwan Jaka says Islamic State fighters are terrorists”:

“Forty-three past and present reservists signed a letter about Unit 8200, which carries out electronic surveillance. They said the intelligence it gathered – much of it concerning innocent people – was used to “deepen military rule” in the Occupied Territories”:

Egyptian prosecutors confess that they have no case by resorting to showing a homenvideo of the wife of a defendant belly dancing for her family as “evidence” against “a vocal government critic … sentenced … to 15 years in prison for protesting, the harshest sentence against secular activists amid authorities’ crackdown on Islamists”:

“After the expulsion, the director of the Centre for Middle-Eastern Strategic Studies, Anwar Ashqi, told satellite television channel al-Tahrir that the decision to expel the Brotherhood leaders was ‘an implementation of one of the articles of the Riyadh Agreement. Qatar has no choice but to commit'”:

“[T]he BBC has learnt that Iran already appears to be sending troops and weapons to fight the Sunni extremists in the country” …

… yet John Kerry has “refused to say precisely how a global campaign that is being pieced together by the U.S. would succeed in destroying the Sunni extremist movement that some believe is even more dangerous than al-Qaida” …

… but although “France has staked a tough stance in the nuclear dispute, [it] is viewing Iranian help in the region with pragmatism, stressing the overlapping concerns of Iraq, Iran and the West about the dangers posed by the Islamic State group. Paris believes Tehran should not be excluded”:

“Politicians need to consider the impact of their rhetoric on more than their polling numbers – on the way it can can, ultimately, foster violence. And the media needs to gauge how to report on conflict and use images to explain both the news and illuminate the truth. Otherwise, many more innocent Americans will become targets for hate”:

The civilian refugees “appear to have been among the victims of a wave of revenge attacks carried out after one of several Lebanese soldiers captured by militants from Syria in a cross-border raid was beheaded by jihadists earlier this month. The killing of the Shiite soldier by Sunni extremists has aggravated sectarian tensions”:

“The feared militant and 200 other fighters died in a battle on Friday in the state of Borno state, birthplace of the extremist group”:

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