News and Analysis (10/1/14)

“She also said IS leaders were ignoring the ‘verdict of their own justice system’ – in a previous statement she said she had been told a Sharia court found Mr Henning ‘innocent of being a spy'”:

“Iraqi Kurdish troops drove Islamic State fighters from a strategic border crossing with Syria on Tuesday and won the support of members of a major Sunni tribe…. The victory, which could make it harder for militants to operate … was … achieved with help from Kurds from the Syrian side of the frontier, a new sign of cooperation”:

“A Muslim NFL player was slapped with unsportsmanlike conduct for a religious celebration that went unpunished in Christian counterparts, like Tim Tebow. The NFL said it was mistake to punish Husain Abdullah of the Kansas City Chiefs with a 15-yard penalty after he prostrated himself and prayed in the end zone”:

“How great the distance between the Abbas who now extols the … BDS movement … work against ‘Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies’ and the Abbas who once expressed his opposition to boycotts directed against Israel (as opposed to those directed against settlement-made products), and … referred to it as a neighbor'”:

“It is beyond the capabilities of U.S. intelligence, or any other western states for that matter, to gain the complex strategic and tactical insight and the instinctive feel to successfully manipulate the conflict in the directions we want’:

Not only is the U.S. still in Afghanistan …

… but “[m]onths after Owais Jakhrani was sacked from the Pakistan navy for radical Islamist views, he led an audacious mission to take over a warship and turn its guns on a U.S. naval vessel in the open seas”:

“Artist Giulia Marchi describes her project, ‘Call Her Fatimah — Musilin,’ as being at the intersection of gender, religion and ethnicity…. [H]er niche photography series centers on the female [M]uslim population in China, a group … that challenges … perceptions of what it means to be a woman and religious outside of Western culture”:

“[O]ne reason IS poses a more complex threat than al Qaeda, the Islamist group from which it grew…. Islamic State sees itself as both army and government. ‘Wheat is a strategic good. They are doing as much as they can with it,’ said Ali Bind Dian, head of a farmers’ union”:

“The irony [of the media silence on Muslim criticism of Muslim extremists] is that the real antidote to Islamic State’s poison is Islam itself”:

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