News and Analysis (10/27/14)

A 36-yr.-old Tunisian says, “Because [politicians] have done nothing for us. As a citizen, if I don’t have faith in someone, why should I give him my vote?” His father adds, “Things are better now than with [Ben Ali]. Now we can speak, now we can breathe. If things go well, good. If not…”

… “Ennahda … had expected to fare much better by leaning on its popularity with the poor in many of the country’s marginalised communities. But the party was also accused of mismanaging the economy and of inexperience when governing during the transitional period”:

“Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) started the discussion last week, in an interview with NewsMax TV in which he said the country needs to go ‘all out’ to monitor mosques” and calling those with civil liberty concerns over such spying “morons”:

IRNA said the police investigation found that Jabbari sent a text message to a friend saying she would kill Sarbandi three days before the deadly incident” but Amnesty International, opposed to the death penalty, alleges the claims “do not appear to have ever been properly investigated”:

“We wouldn’t conflate ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ with commentary on Christianity. It’s about Christians. And yet it seems like whenever you write about Muslims, … [t]here’s no sense that Muslims are … capable of making mistakes that are somehow not connected to Islam”:

“New York-based HRW criticized the Nigerian government for what it called the ‘horrific vulnerability’ of all females in the northeast… The report … came as 30 more boys and girls in the state of Borno were kidnapped by Boko Haram, allegedly to be used as child soldiers”:

“Isis could not have emerged without support from western powers and their regional allies…. Isis was doing the bidding of the same neoconservatives and liberal interventionists who had decided that the overthrow of … Gaddafi, should be followed by the overthrow of Assad”:

“Erdogan has been forced to relent and open a Turkish corridor for Peshmerga fighters from Iraq to reinforce Kobani. Turkish officials fear this will provoke reprisals in Turkey by IS…. Almost anything Turkey does now comes with big risks”:


In the refugee camps and crowded Turkish towns on the border with Syria, impoverished Syrian women and girls are falling prey to criminal rings that are forcing them into sexually exploitative situations ranging from illicit marriages to outright prostitution.

“The Muslim Brotherhood believes the shedding of blood of any Egyptian is forbidden. The group holds the junta and its leaders responsible for the continued failure in the security, economic and social fields, as experienced by all the people, especially the people of the Sinai”:






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