News and Analysis (11/1/14)

“This is not the first time Ilatov’s party has proposed this measure. In 2011, another Yisrael Beitenu member proposed a similar bill … backed by … Avigdor Lieberman, …and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The move foundered after officials decided it was too divisive”:

… while al-Aqsa has been reopened under pressure from Jordan, after being shut down completely “after the shooting of … a far-right religious activist who has led a campaign for Jews” to pray at the site, an act “forbidden by the Torah … [until] the Messiah comes” …

The “announcement further discredits the government of President Goodluck Jonathan, who on Thursday formally announced his candidacy for elections on Feb. 14, 2015 in Africa’s most populous nation. Nigeria … is divided almost equally between Muslims … and Christians”:

“Nida Tunis…, running on an explicitly anti-Islamist platform, won 85 of the 217 seats …, giving it the right to name a prime minister and lead a coalition government” while “Ennahda … won 69 seats, or nearly 32 percent, of the new parliament, representing a loss of some 23 seats”:

Iran partially blames resentment of Western propaganda for its failure to convince relatives of the accused rapist to forgive her killer, and insists that the overwhelming number of executions “involve drug smuggling”:

“Turkey’s top security council has declared the Gulen Movement, once the government’s most powerful political ally, a ‘threat to national security,’ raising concerns of a wide-ranging ‘witch hunt’ against the religious group, whose leader resides in the United States”:

When the Prophet (pbuh) conquered Mecca, he issued a geneal amnestty. IS is doing the opposite of the sunnah, and shooting down former Iraqi police in their homes:

“[R]eflecting growing international impatience with Israel’s nearly half-century control of the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip” Sweden’s foreign minister said “Sweden made the move because Palestine had fulfilled the international law criteria required for such recognition”:

Many older Lebanese, “both Sunni and Shia, report that as youngsters they were not aware of the internecine antagonisms, nor did they harbor animosity with their neighbors…. [They] intermarried, shared holidays, …. ‘That is all changed now, perhaps until End Times’”:

“More than a million Indian soldiers and 400,000 Muslims fought alongside British troops in 1914, but it is a fact that is little known or talked about”:






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