News and Analysis (12/16/14)

The Sydney tragedy has Muslims joining the mourners, other Australians offering to help the Muslim community against a communitarian backlash, and many asking why someone with gunman’s criminal record was out on bail …

…according to the hostages, his only demand was “a flag and a phone call” to Australia’s PM:

“Abu Zubaydah might now be described as exhibit A in the week’s Senate report. He has the regrettable distinction of being the first victim of the CIA detention programme…. With no less than 1,001 references to Abu Zubaydah … [confirming] the horrific conditions of detention and interrogation techniques”:

“The burden is on the government to produce evidence to justify accusing Zaman and Samanyolu group editors and journalists of being part of an organization which attempted to capture state power, as the Istanbul judge’s detention warrant states.” – Emma Sinclair-Webb, Human Rights Watch:

“We as scientists and scholars and all Muslims were surprised at the listing of Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi’s name in the list of Interpol’s most-wanted internationally, at the request of the coup authorities in Egypt”:

If an actor is defrauded into performing in a film to which she would not have consented in the first place,can a court award her a copyright claim against those who defrauded her? “Unions representing actors and musicians filed a brief in support of” the victim:

With the Palestinians cashing in their chit for self-determination, Israel has to decide whether it wants peace or not, and so does the US:

The Saudis cut off the hand of only one thief last yer and only one so far this year, but they have executed 78 criminals, mostly for drug smuggling:

She said “she did not know women were prohibited from going to the male-only stadiums, … [but p]olice spokesman Atti al-Qurashi said security spotted her at the stadium “deliberately disguised” in male attire to avoid detection”:

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