News and Analysis (4/17/09)

As Israel absurdly suggests that the committee headed by Richard Goldstone is biased …

… it pre-emptively sabotages the peace process by demanding that a land of widely mixed heritage and ownership be recognized as a solely Jewish state:

Will Obama leverage his non-prosecution of lower level offenders to get evidence against those who gave the orders:

Pakistan is rapidly becoming the AIG of the international community:

In the emerging debate on child marriage, lawmaker al-Qadhi  points out that regulations short of an outright ban won’t work… ‘Are we going to post a policeman at every bedroom to ensure husbands don’t consummate marriages before girls reach puberty?'”:

Iran can offer a cultural bridge, helping American policy  incorporate an understanding of Afghanistan’s “humanity, religion and psychology”:

Muslim organizations agree to cooperate with investigating specific individuals with adequate reason but reject the FBI’s “fishing expeditions”:


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