News and Analysis (11/26/06)

“Do not let those who are depriving you of security impinge on your unity.”–Shi`a, Sunni and Kurdish joint statement:

·        Calls for Calm as Crowd Stones Iraq PM (Reuters)

“A senior U.S. official said this month Washington was ‘in principle’ ready to discuss Iraq with Iran but said the timing of such talks was unclear”:

·        Iran says will help U.S. if it quits Iraq (Reuters)

Israeli activist gives an honest assessment:

·        The Problem with Israel (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions)

“For every day that passes, there’s an invasion of privacy that could be cured”—Arlen Specter (R-Pa):

·        Despite a Year of Ire and Angst, Little Has Changed on Wiretaps (NY Times)

They classify them as terrorists, and yet:

·        US in Contact with Anti-Iran Kurds: PKK (Yahoo)

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