News and Analysis (11/27/06)

Erdogan wants to talk with Benedict:

·        Turkish Prime Minister, Pontiff to Meet (abcnews)

Troop reductions announced:

·        Britain to Downgrade Commitment to Iraq (abcnews)

If they want freedom of speech they should insult prophets instead:

·        Two U.S. Men Charged With Broadcasting Hezbollah TV (Reuters)

·        Woman Faces Fines for Wreath Peace Sign (abcnews)

Who benefits?

·        Iraq War Was Good For Israel: Olmert (Reuters)

The Abu Ghraib commander withdrawn from duty says “she saw a memorandum signed by Rumsfeld detailing the use of harsh interrogation methods”:

·        Rumsfeld Okayed Abuses Says Former U.S. General (Reuters)

Administration wants to know who leaked actions against Islamic charities:

·        Times Seeks to Bar Review of Phone Data (NY Times)

The good, the bad, and the ugly about the Mahdi Army:

·        A Day When Mahdi Army Showed Its Other Side (Washington Post)

·        Dozens Killed In Iraq Attacks (Washington Post)

·        Iraq’s Deadliest Zone: Schools (Washington Post)

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