News and Analysis (11/28/06)

China’s Hui Muslims: “The national policies are opening up and as long as you don’t go against the country’s religious policies and regulations, you can freely progress.”—but then, is it really ‘free’?

Meanwhile, China increases persecution of the Uighars, arresting and harassing the family of an outspoken activist for Uighar rights:

“Calculating that President Bush is desperate for friends in the Middle East,” Mubarak’s regime continues crackdown on any opposition

Civil society group in Lebanon launches a controversial campaign to fight sectarianism:

US Airways stands by decision to kick imams off the plane for praying and practicing their first amendment right to free speech:

“Israel is ready to “withdraw from considerable territory”, free Palestinian prisoners and release funds to the Palestinian Authority in exchange for the return of a soldier seized in June.”

A new safe haven for Al-Qaeda: classified US military memo describes “al-Qaeda in Iraq as the “dominate organization of influence in al-Anbar,” surpassing all other groups, the Iraqi government and U.S. troops “in its ability to control the day-to-day life of the average Sunni.”

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