News and Analysis (4/24/09)

“To hide relevant and exculpatory evidence from counsel and from the court under any circumstances. . . is fundamentally unjust, outrageous and will not be tolerated”:

Clinton indicates negotiations can take place with a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas leaders as long as they concede to recognizing Isreal’s right to exist:

Leading the way out of sectarian politics, a group of Lebanon’s Armenians plans to abandon its traditional neutrality and back the Hezbollah-led opposition…

Meanwhile, sectarian divides continue to fragment and weaken the Iraqi government:

How effective is a strategy calling for $1 million per detainee for rehabilitation?

Obama’s desire to avoid the appearance of persecuting his predecessors, but failure to prosecute any criminal activity by senior officials of the previous administration would be an abandonment of the rule of law:

Despite a withdrawal of Taliban militants from Buner …

… critics say the “Pakistani judiciary has been replaced with the Talibanised judicial system in Buner” and “Taliban wants to impose the tribal Shariah of Sufi Mohammad in the entire country by the use of force”:


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