News and Analysis (1/29/15)

“[P]olice prevented anyone from trying to help 32-year-old Shaimaa el-Sabbagh after she was shot. El-Sabbagh, a mother of a small boy, died Saturday after birdshot fired by police hit her in the head during a rally she took part in”:

“Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon targeted an Israeli convoy in a heavily militarized border region northwest of the Golan Heights with six anti-tank missiles, killing two soldiers … as a much-anticipated response to an Israeli drone strike Jan. 18 on the Syrian Golan that killed six Hezbollah fighters”:

“If an invader kills someone who is trying to resist the invasion, that does not count as heroic self-defense. The invader is the aggressor. The “invadee” is the defender. If anyone’s a hero, it’s the latter” — Sheldon Richman

As with the Bergdahl exchange,  “the principle of bringing soldiers home when you’ve sent them into harm’s way is a powerful one”:

“It really is not required for western women to wear a headscarf when they are in a Muslim country.  They could do it, certainly it is a sign of respect but it’s not a requirement” – Anita McBride, the former chief of staff to Laura Bush:

“The group, calling itself “Islamic State in Tripoli Province,” said it launched the attack Tuesday to avenge the death of Abu Anas al-Libi, who was snatched off a Tripoli street by U.S. special forces in 2013 and died in U.S. custody earlier this month due to complications from liver surgery”:

The girl who tweeted that she wanted to ‘pull a Mulan’ by heading to Syria, a cultural reference to a Disney movie, which the co-author of a recent study finds “fascinating because these people are Western, but also simultaneously loathe Western society”:

Afghanis are disappointed over the failure to establish a government, but still prefer the incumbents to  their predecessors:






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  1. Trudy Avatar

    What is funny is that by Quranic law, A muslim man may marry any women from the book (Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike).. while women cannot marry any man but a muslim.. the logic behind this is that a muslim man would ensure that his children also become mum82ss&#li30;VA:F [1.9.20_1166]

  2. ImadadDean Avatar

    I think this argument is weak, since the mother is more often present around children in the formative years and likely to be at least as strong an influence. A better argument is that Jewish, Christian, and Islamic law all make the husband the head of the household but only Islam requires the husband to respect the right of the wife to practice one of the other Islamic religions. For example many Christians call Muhammad a liar while no Muslim would say that of Jesus, peace be upon them both. Similarly many Jews call Jesus and Mary horrible things, but no Muslim would do so. There is a hadith indicating that Muslim men are not only required to respect the freedom of religion of a monotheistic spouse but must take them to church (or synagogue) if they have no other means of getting there. I know of no reciprocal text in Christianity or Judaism.

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