News and Analysis (11/29/06)

Suspension in protest over al-Maliki’s meeting with Bush stops short of a withdrawal that would cause the government to fall:

· Powerful Shiite Bloc Boycotts Iraqi Government (Washington Post)

Some call it genocide, but no one puts a stop to it:

· Atrocities Daily in Sudan’s Darfur: U.N. Rights Chief (Reuters)

Lawyer ejected for addressing judge, prosecutor as “brother” then recalled:

· Saddam Genocide Trial Thrown Into Chaos (AFP)

Turkey wants EU to ease sanctions before it opens Cypress ports:

· European Commission Recommends Partial Freeze of Turkish EU Talks (AFP)

An appeal is made to the common love of Mary, the Mother of Jesus:

· Pope Makes Further Muslim-Christian Gesture (Reuters)

The invaded are faulted for the failed occupation:

· As Iraq Deteriorates, Iraqis Get More Blame (Washington Post)

“If they have their way … Justice Department lawyers … would prohibit any judge and any jury anywhere from ever hearing the arguments”:

· The Wronged Man: Unjustly Imprisoned and Mistreated, Khaled al-Masri Wants Answers the U.S. Government Doesn’t Want to Give (Washington Post)

When the line between peacekeeping and warmongering gets fuzzy:

· U.S. Peacekeeping Plan for Somalia Criticized: Sending Intervention Force Could Create Wider War With Islamic Militias, Some Fear (Washington Post)

Jordanians pay a price for American Iraqi policy:

· Iraqi Refugees Spill into Jordan, Driving Up Prices (Christian Science Monitor)

The attention that the Israeli peace movement has given to the fact that Israeli settlements involve go beyond a dispute over self-determination, but are an issue of the private property rights of Palestinians has focused world attention on a hitherto mainly ignored human rights matter:

· Land Claim Unsettles Israeli Settlers (Christian Science Monitor)

Judge denies president “unfettered authority to create blacklist”:

· Judge Strikes Down Part of Bush Anti-Terror Order (Reuters)

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