News and Analysis (2/17/15)

IS’s exploitation of NATO’s unraveling of the Libya leads to slaughter of Christians, an Egyptian invasion, and a call for more intervention …

… while in its home base, the self-styled caliphate continues burning people alive despite the unanimous condemnation of the practice in Islamic law and history:

“Many … veterans said that they had not been warned by their units about the risks posed by the chemical weapons and that … military doctors seemed unaware that chemical munitions remained in Iraq. In some cases, victims of exposure said, officers forbade them to discuss what had occurred”:

“The Islamophobia network has real consequences” and the Chapel Hill murders may have been among them …

… “83 percent of Americans say people who commit violence and claim to be Christians are not really Christian, while less than half of Americans (48 percent), think that self-proclaimed Muslims who commit violence in the name of Islam aren’t truly Muslims” …

…  “The more likely a person is to know a Muslim, the more likely she is to express positive feelings toward Muslims as a group” except  for “Jewish respondents, who express negative feelings …. and Hispanic Catholics, who express positive feelings despite saying they don’t personally know a Muslim”:

“There has been no new letter from Iran’s side. The claim made by the Wall Street Journal is an unprofessional media game” — Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham:

Erdogan says, “I will personally follow the case so that they will be given the heaviest penalty. I am already following the case. Violence against women is the bleeding wound of our country” …

… but “gender violence is such a widespread and deeply rooted problem that it can only be improved via efforts that transcend ideological lines. Turkey, however, is so deeply politicised and polarised that no one is willing to do that”:

“[H]e was arrested after writing that the UAE’s rulers lacked legitimacy. His lawyer denounced the jail sentence as politically motivated, reported the Associated Press news agency, while rights groups also criticised his arrest”:

The murderer, killed by police, had a history of criminal violence:

IS is the main seller, but “[e]veryone from the Lebanese police to … the smuggler and … the go-between said the main market was Europe. In the UK there have been no prosecutions or arrests for selling looted Syrian artefacts”:

Among “federal laws … violated by the US … [are prohibition of] most U.S. foreign aid to any country found trafficking in nuclear enrichment equipment or technology outside international safeguards … [and termination of] U.S. foreign aid to countries that import nuclear reprocessing technology”:

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