News and Analysis (3/2/15)

Another case of government manufactured terrorism is added to the list:

“He smoked drugs, drank and was violent towards other boys. The fact he portrays himself as a strict Muslim is laughable and shameful. I never saw him pray or wear Islamic dress – he would not even mention religion at all…. [H]e is a total hypocrite” — a member the accused’s former gang …

… “Emwazi’s transition from angry teen to militant was a series of missed opportunities. Then, years of conflict and frustration with the British security services pushed him to act on his radicalism and leave Britain to join IS”:

“My tomatoes are Spanish, and so are the potatoes I sell. Please explain this to me! Do I need to sell pork to be a traditional Spanish business? Do I need to sell wine?” –  Nouari Benzawi, an Algerian immigrant who runs a kebab shop and halal grocery store:

On the “same day another Egyptian court listed the [entire] Palestinian group Hamas [and not just it’s armed wing]  as a terrorist organisation”:

“Egypt’s president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, could retain control of the country’s lawmaking process for the foreseeable future, after the supreme court ruled that a law governing upcoming elections was unconstitutional”:

“The weirdest question I got was if I’m showering with my hijab. And I’m just — no, I don’t shower with hijab, how should I do that? No one showers with their clothes on” — Danish Muslim Sarah al-Mousllie:

“The reality is people don’t abuse me just because I’m a woman or because my name is Mariam or because I’m Middle-Eastern. They abuse me because I have a scarf on my head and because I’m a Muslim”:

“[T]he Saudi blogger who was sentenced to a decade in prison and 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam, now faces being beheaded for renouncing the religion, his family have said” despite his already having been cleared of that charge …

… while a suspect arrested in 2013 “for threatening an imam who performed funeral prayers for an atheist blogger” and arrested Monday in the case of a Dhaka murder of an American blogger by “attackers wielding meat cleavers” had threatened to kill [the recent victim] in posts on Facebook”

The “campaign [is] aimed at driving them out of the mainly Sunni Muslim province of Salahuddin”:






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