News and Analysis (3/10/15)

Is it treason? Insulting the President isn’t good enough for some Congressional Republicans who now step up the game to insult the American government itself by telling their already paranoid hardline counterparts in Iran that the U.S. cannot be trusted to adhere to any deal it might sign:

During the 10 months ISIS held French journalist Didier François captive, did they (a) force him to read Qur’an, (b) invite him to read Qur’an, (3) allow him to read Qur’an, or (d) not want him to have access to the Qur’an? The correct answer is (d) and the reason why  is important to understand …

… Far from being the source of the problem, [Sheikh Wesam] Charkawi [based at the Auburn mosque in western Sydney] says the Qur’an and Islamic religious tradition provide the pathway out of violence.” His success in dissuading boys “flirting openly with the idea of joining” ISIS is proof:

“[T]he NYPD admitted that when it came to generating actual leads, the program was a resounding failure.” Now a lawsuit “seeks a permanent injunction against the resumption … [and] calls for all surveillance records to be expunged, in order to protect the reputations of innocent individuals”:

Accusing the “government of blurring the line ‘between a real security threat and simple prejudice,” Trudeau charged, “It is a cruel joke to claim you are liberating people from oppression by dictating in law what they can and cannot wear” …

… and a Muslim group blasts the Tories for pretending a picture of chained girls in a Shia ceremonial re-enactment symbolizing the sister of the prophet Mohammad’s grandson being taken to Damascus after he was beheaded is actually a photo of girls “being led away to forced marriages”:

“According to the testimonies of former Israeli soldiers, civilians with no connection with militant activity are usually selected for such exercises. ‘We used houses, streets, people like cardboard practice targets,’ said one” …

… while ISIS does the reverse, pretending real executions are mock:

“A US Neo-Nazi website … [called] for people to ‘flood this towel head subhuman vermin with as much racial and religious abuse as we possibly can. ‘Stormer troll army, you know what needs to be done,’ they wrote online. Be as vulgar, hateful, hurtful, extreme and offensive as possible’”:

“In 2010, the Middle East was the only region outside of Europe where 50 percent of news presenters on radio, and 44 percent on television, were female…. In North America, only about 40 percent of radio presenters and 32 percent of television reporters were female [in that] period”:

“A few weeks ago when I was showing Swiss parliament members around Hebron and explaining to them what was happening, I was arrested by the Israeli army and detained for six hours. The Swiss diplomats were left confused, but this is a normal situation for me”:

“The attack last Friday … was part of a series of deadly assaults on Libya’s oil lucrative infrastructure by the Islamic State group … [that] have forced Libya to declare 11 fields non-operational … and invoke a force majeure clause that exempts the state from contractual obligations”:






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