News and Analysis (3/12/15)

When the FBI assured the local police that the Islamic endowment in town was legitimate and no threat, the village manager emailed the Clarion project asking if they knew something the FBI didn’t, the Islamophobic propaganda outlet behind the report did not respond:

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges’s “accrediting commission noted that Zaytuna had developed rigorous standards and has a driven student body”:

“The letter by American senators indicates the collapse of political ethics in the United States. Governments are bound to their commitments by international laws and would not violate their obligations with a change of government”:

“U.S.-trained and armed Iraqi military units, the key to the American strategy against ISIS, are under investigation for committing some of the same atrocities as the terror group”:

Turkey’s foreign minister “didn’t say which country the spy was working for, but said it was not the European Union or the United States“:

They are more likely to be stopped and searched, more likely to plead not guilty and more likely to be tried. These disparities… are often part of a complex mix of educational, employment, health and social inequalities that have characterised many of their live”:

“The statement goes on to criticise ‘the continued public targeting of Muslims through endless ‘anti-terror’ laws,’ adding that there have been 10 such pieces of legislation since the year 2000. Such legislation gives ‘huge power to the state’, while fuelling ‘media hysteria’, it claims”:

“The guards were demanding the job go to a southerner, instead of the current western holder, illustrating the regional and political divisions that have plagued the North African country since the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi four years ago” …

… and “Libya turmoil has provided fertile ground for IS-allied militants, who control the eastern city of Darna and also Sirte”:

“You are dead. We are going to kill you.” “The North Carolina shootings were just the beginning.” “You are not Americans, don’t fly our flag.” Subjected to such remarks, it’s no wonder that “the local Muslim community believes that the murder of a Muslim man in Dallas on March 5, 2015 was a hate crime”:






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