News and Analysis (3/26/15)

“[W]hile the threat of Muslim-related terrorism attracts headlines, per a 2014 report, only 37 Americans have been killed by such terrorism since 9/11. Meanwhile, in just the last six years, 63 Americans have been killed:

“From conversations about headscarves to how religious teachings regard women, we are rarely given the chance to hear the perspectives of Muslim women themselves. And as CEO Amani Al-Khatahtbeh explains … , Muslim women have long fought the exclusion”:

“Rouhani favors an open-door policy for returnees, whom he calls a ‘huge asset’ who have ‘love for their country.’ But security officials … have pushed back, causing a chill among would-be returnees, with a number of high-profile arrests and detentions among those who have returned”:

“All students in the course must go through a physical examination … [that] involves looking at the chest, abdomen, and legs, and must be performed both by a male and female student”, a requirement objected to by two female “Muslim students, who did not want to be examined by a male”:

Traveling “undercover, masked twofold: as a filmmaker and a homosexual man …” Sharma says he “was very afraid. But at the same time, as a religious Muslim, I felt I would be protected going on pilgrimage—divine intervention, even”:

“Riyadh tends to prize the status quo, if it has a reasonable chance of sustainability for the near to the medium term. But the Brotherhood … is already in a rather weakened position in the region — and the kingdom has a number of other priorities that require all the bandwidth that can be mustered”:

Saudi air :”strikes were a startling turn of events that came as the Houthis, in control of Yemen’s capital for months, barreled south toward the coastal city of Aden, seizing an air base along the way that was evacuated by U.S. Special Operations forces­ last week” …

… contributing to the impression that this war is a “Saudi-Iran confrontation, but that’s a result of Yemen’s real divisions, not the cause of them. [Terrorists] are hoping for a sectarian war, much like the one they got after Al Qaeda … bombed the Askariya shrine in the Iraqi city of Samara in 2006” …

… but in Iraq, “Hadi al-Amiri, who runs an umbrella group of all Shia militias, said US strikes on Wednesday night had not changed the battlefield, and that his forces alone could win the fight”:

“Once these women arrive in Syria and join the Islamic State group, they will be offered ‘mujahideen … as husbands, given to these women by God, the message reportedly said…, comparing the women who choose to come to Syria to the ‘great women’ who accompanied the Prophet Muhammad”:

“This might seem counterintuitive, but the political dynamics in Israel and internationally mean that another term with Mr. Netanyahu at the helm could actually hasten the end of Israel’s apartheid policies.” The election proves  change can’t and won’t come from within Israel:






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