News and Analysis (3/29/15)

Why no sanctions on Israel? “The 1987 report’s confirmation of Israel’s advanced nuclear weapons program should have immediately triggered a cutoff in all U.S. aid to Israel under the Symington and Glenn Amendments to the US Foreign Assistance Act of 1961″ …

… and setting a new standard for khutzba, Netanyahu, a critic Iran’s nuclear program, “recently issued a gag order that the smuggling network’s unindicted ringleader refrain from discussing” the project related to his own “hands-on involvement in nuclear weapons–related covert action against America”:

“When children ask searching questions about extremism and religion, parents often close down the debate because they can’t answer theological questions. The lack of religious knowledge among families was recognised as a weakness…. [E]xtremist websites are there awaiting their curiosity”:

“Attackers pulled 29-year-old Kadedija’s veil and threw her to the ground; They also pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her as they escaped; Baby is unharmed but her husband says she has not stopped crying since”:

“Lokman Abu Sakhra was one of nine armed militants killed in a raid on Saturday, the government says. A spokesman described him as one of Tunisia’s ‘most dangerous terrorists’”:

“CNN recently suggested that the sets were vulnerable after arrests and discoveries of weapons caches near the town of Tatouine, which lent its name to Luke Skywalker’s home planet. The story was picked up widely even though the main Star Wars sets are on the other side of the country”:

“[W]orried the city would try to fire him, so he retired. He won’t get his full pension because he didn’t get 20 years in. Asked whether he’s gotten support from former colleagues, Wade just shook his head…. ‘I became — what do you call it? — persona non grata,’ he said”:

“It was a rare standoff for the movement, which typically keeps a low profile despite having wide support in the country. It has long criticized the monarchy and called for political reform and a state based on Islamic precepts”:

“[T]he peace process is facing a major setback after a botched military operation to bring in internationally suspected terrorists in parts of the Muslim-majority south in January resulted in a bloody gunbattle between government forces and Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters”:

“Egyptian officials say the proposed force would be made up of roughly 40,000 elite troops and backed by jets, warships and light armor”:






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