News and Analysis (4/11/15)

“The men were among thousands detained after the ousting of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi in 2013. Egypt’s mass trials of Brotherhood supporters have drawn international criticism of the country’s judicial system” …

… and an American who “been on a hunger strike over his detention for more than 14 months” has been sentenced to life imprisonment:

“The Islamic extremist group has claimed complex hackings before, but experts and a French official said the ability to black out a global television network represented a new level of sophistication for the group”:

Muslims served in the U.S. military under the command of General George Washington, … the Civil War, [and] Muslim Americans fought and died in World War II and Vietnam” holding “military grades from private first class to sergeant”:

Imam “Hazim … said the FBI told him they were undercover FBI agents and that the sting was arranged to get Booker ‘off the streets….  think the two FBI agents set him up, because they felt at that point someone else might have done the same thing and put a real bomb in his hands’”:

“Leaders of the UM Muslim community tried to mediate, but the women [who vandalized Mahmood’s apartment] were unwilling to meet…. Derek Draplin, a UM student, editor of The Michigan Review, and friend of Mahmood’s called his treatment ‘completely hypocritical’”:

Cenk Uygur tells New Atheists who “support  profiling and ‘want [authorities] to go into [Muslims’] mosques, universities, college groups, and if need be urge first [nuclear] strikes against them” they are “foaming at the mouth neoconservative”[s who should] … stop pretending you’re liberals”:

“What you’re dealing with is this religious imperative to be one community. Faith is supposed to tie us together with this sacred bond, and in some ways it does. But making that bond something that shows up in all times and circumstances is something that takes work”:

“The demonstration came after two male Iranian pilgrims alleged abuse after Saudi officers at Jeddah’s international airport searched them. Details of the abuse have not been made public though Iran formally has called for the Saudi officers to be punished”

“The Yarmouk camp in Damascus is home to factions that support Syrian President Bashar Assad and groups that oppose him, and it was unclear whether Palestinians from both sides of the divide had indeed agreed to join forces”:






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