News and Analysis (4/15/15)

“In a rare outbreak of bipartisan compromise and a partial victory for the White House, the Senate foreign relations committee voted unanimously to amend language in legislation that once threatened to give congressional hawks a chance to derail nuclear diplomacy and risk … military strikes”:

With Nigerian schoolgirls now free from the clutches of Boko Haram embracing Western education with an in-your-face attitude towards their former captors, President-elect  Muhammadu Buhari cockily threatens the terrorist group …

… yet he admits “that he cannot promise to find the 219 [girls] who are still missing”:

Developments in the Yemeni conflict include a UN arms embargo, Egyptian-Saudi coordination, the death of a Saudi religious figure, and an Iranian peace proposal:

“Sharia, she points out, is a world view, ‘the divine order of the universe’. What she is interrogating is fiqh, the Muslim legal tradition of man-made rules based on almost exclusively male interpretations of sacred texts”:

Rather than “argue with those who have no desire to gain a deeper understanding of Islam, or … who lack understanding of historical context and … can’t differentiate between the literal and analogical ….[, it] would be far more powerful to embody the values for which Islam stands”:

“Counter-terrorism can only succeed if both civil society and the government work together to counter violent extremism” — joint statement by 15 civil society groups, including Human Rights Watch and the Kenyan Human Rights Commission:

“Afkham will only be the second female ambassador Iran has had…. [President] Rouhani said this week that he saw it as his government’s duty to create equal opportunities for women”:

“I have not written (in party mouthpiece Saamana) that the voting rights of Muslims should be taken away. I only said that Muslims will not be used for political opportunism if they are not allowed to vote” …

… and one way to prevent them from voting is to prevent them from reproducing–and ditto for Christians:

Does the man who “tweeted a photo of the men praying and captioned it: ‘Muslims praying at half time at the match yesterday #DISGRACE’” even know what the definition of “grace” is?






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