News and Analysis (4/17/15)

How was Congress’s compromise with the Obama administration on the Iran deal even possible? Because you-know-who gave the green light: ““This is an achievement for Israeli policy” –Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz :

“[She] wears [a headscarf] … for herself … because she wants to be modest with her body okay? … [The killing in Kenya and Syria are] not her doing that, that’s a minority of people not a majority. Have some respect. What’s that got to do with her?” Stacy Eden asked the vindictive older woman”:

“[T]his was a student-led initiative, rather than a school-sponsored activity. We will put procedures into place in the future that ensure that any communication from a school email is for a school-sponsored event, and not merely supported by a student-run group”:

Judges should allow Muslim women to appear in court wearing a full-face veil, Britain’s most senior judge has suggested, saying that “those people who do cover their face for religious, cultural or any other reason, they should be allowed to do so unless the situation demands otherwise”:

“[L]ocal authorities warned [Ramadi] was in danger of falling unless reinforcements arrived soon” …

… while DAASH may have extended its reach into Pakistan: “The English version of the pamphlet [left in the victim’s car] read: “Oh crusaders, we are the lions of Dualat al Islamia, the falcons of the caliph”:

“I thought … if I go out and shoot people because of this, I would probably shoot another innocent bystander. I would fuel this idiotic cycle of violence.” Instead he is now “on the Global Advisory Council of World Learning, alongside ambassadors, CEOs, and NGO presidents”:

“Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said today perpetrators of human rights abuses among his security forces and Shi’a militia allies will be “held accountable,” but he offered no evidence that any of Baghdad’s fighters guilty of ISIS-like atrocities have yet been brought to justice”:

“With the raids failing to stop the rebels, there has been speculation a ground campaign could be launched” …

… while  “Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Friday he would not leave the country, dismissing reports in the Gulf Arab media that he was seeking a safe exit as Saudi Arabian war planes bomb troops loyal to him and their Houthi militia allies”:

“Indian police arrested a top Kashmiri separatist leader on Friday for leading an anti-India demonstration and detained two others to prevent a planned protest in the Himalayan region”:






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