News and Analysis (4/24/15)

“The blockade by air and sea, led by the Arabian Peninsula’s richest country against its poorest, has led to a warning by the International Committee of the Red Cross that Yemen’s humanitarian situation is ‘catastrophic’” …

… “the UN’s human rights agency said Friday at least 551 of the [over 1,000] people who died were civilians” during the Saudi-led bombing campaign:

 “The surprise results at Birzeit – the Palestinians’ oldest university — are the only discernible manifestation of democratic elections in Palestinian politics today”:
“Islamic writer Ahmad Abu Ratima … asserted that true faith comes from free will and does not fear openness, adding, ‘We need to turn religiosity from a social obligation to a free choice….’ The problem is … political…. If Gaza opens itself to the world, the environment that breeds religious radicalism or atheism would disappear”:

“Saudi Arabia has become known for its association for the strictest brand of Sunni Islam practiced by an existing state. However, Muslims note that the Prophet Mohammed was supportive of a healthy sexual life when it involves a husband and wife”:

“Frontier will amend its employee handbook to more clearly state its zero-tolerance policy on discrimination and provide all new employees with training on that revision. The airline also will amend its customer complaint policy to ensure allegations of discrimination are given appropriate attention”:

The rapid growth in the number of Muslims is mainly due to their youth and fertility, but ” religious switching, which is expected to hinder the growth of some other religious groups, is not expected to have a negative net impact on Muslims”:

American style secularism is absent  in Europe. “England has a state church. France sees religion as a threat to the republic’s sacrosanct laïcité, and keeps it out of public institutions. But the German state sees religions as partners to help citizens – and democracy – remain stable, and it supports religious groups in myriad ways”:

According to “A senior Pakistani counterterrorism official … the leader of the Weinstein kidnapping cell was a relative of Tahir Yuldashev, the former IMU [Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan] leader killed in a CIA drone strike in the Pakistani tribal regions in 2009…. Weinstein was given or, more likely, sold to al Qaeda”:






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