News and Analysis (5/4/15)

Tensions were already high in the Texas Muslim community after an Iraqi immigrant was shot dead in Dallas in March as he stood outside his apartment to photograph his first snowfall” …

… so Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders succeeded in provoking more violence:

One soldier reports, “The rules of engagement for soldiers advancing on the ground were: open fire, open fire everywhere, first thing when you go in…. The saying was: ‘There’s no such thing there as a person who is uninvolved’” and another recalls being told that the “area has to be ‘sterilised,’ empty of people”:

“Husein Smajic stumbled across what appear to be the foundations and other relics of the church while digging an artificial lake. He says the project will show that coexistence of Muslims and Christians in Bosnia is indeed possible”:

“[I]t’s very clear that [General Kelly] doesn’t really understand what is happening in the detention center that they’re supposed to be supervising” — Walter Ruiz is the lawyer for one of the Guantanamo detainees who object to being escorted by female guards:

“In their letter the writers protest against the award from PEN America, the prominent literary organization of which most of the signatories are members, accusing the French satirical magazine of mocking a ‘section of the French population that is already marginalized, embattled, and victimized’”:

“[T]he Israelis have several times bombed Syrian government forces in Syria but not Isis (an interesting choice, we’d all agree)”:

“The offshoot aims to severe ties with the Brotherhood’s arm in Egypt…. ‘The authorities have given themselves a real dilemma by focusing on a small group without political weight or popularity,’ said political analyst Mohamed Abu Romman”:

“AIMIM has emerged as the second-largest party in the Aurangabad municipal corporation, overtaking both the Congress and NCP. It did so by managing to reach out beyond its core Muslim vote base- five of its 26 newly-elected corporators are Dalits [untouchables]”:






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