News and Analysis (5/24/15)

Arab world is outraged as US blocks an effort to rid the Middle East of nuclear weapons:

“The comments by the Iranian deputy foreign minister, Abbas Araghchi, carried by state television, came after he and the foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, attended a reportedly stormy closed session of parliament”:

The human toll in Palmyra is the first priority …

… “The ruins at Palmyra would not normally qualify for destruction by Isis, but the attention drawn to the site might tempt the group to destroy them as a way to inflict psychological pain” …

… while “[t]he commander of international forces in Afghanistan … said Afghans largely did not agree with the ideology of the [IS], … he contradicted his earlier statement that Isis was not active on the battlefields of Afghanistan by saying it was reportedly fighting the Taliban for control of territory and men”:

Partially declassified documents demonstrate that US intelligence anticipated the rise of a “Salafist state” in eastern Syria and new it threatened Iraqi stability but welcomed the development because they  believed it would isolate the Syrian regime:

“[T]he most vitriolic opposition wasn’t from radical Islamists who couldn’t take a joke … [but from] Islamophobes and anti-Muslim bigots … [who] brought to mind a lot of contemporary and historical accusations of ‘cultural apostasy’ … [as w]hen Lindsey Lohan was snapped carrying a Quran”:

“Most of America’s staunchest allies enforce speech laws much stricter than [anything in the Qur’an] — yet no one accuses such Western nations of being free speech obstructionists”; why do Italy, Switzerland and Canada get a pass?

“The Quran does not hide its preference for those who possess knowledge and those whose faith is tempered by reason”, but “Muslims have mistakenly began equating knowledge with a narrowly defined conception of religious knowledge, and scholars with again narrowly defined conception of scholarship”:

“Saudi Arabia’s top Sunni cleric on Saturday branded a deadly attack on Shi’ite Muslims a bid to sow chaos, after villagers targeted in the bombing vented their anger at what they saw as the Sunni-dominated government’s indifference to their safety”:

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  1. Tish says:

    Wah, mestinya petanraembsan korupsi juga diutamakan. Bangsa ini bobrok lantaran korupsi sdh menggurita. Birokrasi ditutupi sarang laba-laba (WS Rendra). Dan itu tak boleh dibiarkan terus. Nanti seluruh anak bangsa ikut menderita karenanya. Salam

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