News and Analysis (6/14/15)

“The International Criminal Court indicted Omar al-Bashir over crimes committed in Darfur, but the Sudanese president is unlikely to face arrest in South Africa… The United States’ decision not to sign the ICC’s Rome Statute has caused resentment among African states”:

Pakistan did not specify the reasons for its accusation the group ha acted against the nation’s interests, leading ti speculation the closing Save the Children’s main office was shut down was the group’s suspected connection to America’s extra-judicial execution of bin Ladin:

Angry at the U.S.-backed attacks, Erdogan had the army block roads into Turkey, insisting that the Kurds fighting against ISIS constitute a potential border threat:

“What I did was place people out of danger and ensure their safety—something everybody can do when they find themselves in such an extreme situation…. [F]or me, this is a normal and humane response”:

Students trying to return to school and patients  in need of medical treatment are among those welcoming the reopening of the Raffah Crossing:

“Since the recent controversy, NGO head Mohammad Akhtar (38) is not forcing Muslim participants to recite ‘Om’ while practicing surya namaskar…. Muslim participants have been asked to either recite ‘Allah’, ‘ayat’ or any word they wish to or not say anything at all while practicing surya namaskar and meditation”:






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