News and Analysis (6/28/15)

With death toll mounting in the case of the Tunisan breakdancer-turned-terrorist, his family reacts with horror and locals demonstrate in protest while the government searches for “indirect” participants and Tunisia’s PM threatens to crack down on freedom of speech and religion by shutting down 80 mosques:

“Observers said Mr Zarif probably needed to seek guidance over a stumbling block in negotiations – how much access Tehran will grant to nuclear monitors”, but a “US official – who spoke on condition of anonymity – insisted there would be no long-term extension” …

… “In moves not dissimilar to the Republicans in the US Senate, the faction known as Paidary (persistence) Front, has tabled several motions to try to give parliament the power to challenge a final deal. None has been successful” …

Iran expert Trita Parsi says that while the exact timing of the sanctions relief is yet to be resolved, “at best it will begin a few months after the adoption of the deal … [as] reflected by President Hassan Rouhani’s statement earlier in June“:

Kuwait “detained the driver of the vehicle that took him to a Shi’ite Muslim mosque where he killed 27 people. The disclosure of the bomber’s Saudi nationality is likely to focus the attention of authorities … on ties between Islamists in the small Gulf state and those in its larger, more conservative neighbor”:

“[O]rganizers said they had been refused permission to march this year because of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan” prompting Lady Gaga to call “on authorities to ‘set an example for people to celebrate both Ramadan and pride in peace, instead of dividing with violence'”:


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