News and Analysis (7/26/15)

A Muslim woman tells her would-be male atheist savoir: “I have the agency to tell you that Islam is a feminist religion and informs my role and positions on women’s rights issues. I am a feminist because I am Muslim”:

Nasrallah said freezing U.S. assets “does not make a slightest difference to our brothers” since the Hezbollah members have no money in the U.S.:

“MPs approved the bill on Saturday by a margin of 174-0 with 10 abstentions,” but Human Rights Watch fears the bill will “open the way to prosecuting political dissent as terrorism”:

“Yemeni forces allied with a Saudi-led coalition fought Houthi militia for control of the country’s largest air base north of Aden on Sunday, … hours before a humanitarian truce declared by the coalition was meant to start” …

… “after Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed at least 80 people and injured at least 150 more in [a] Yemeni province…. [T]he Saudi-led coalition nullified [an previous truce] within hours”:

Cut off by heavy rain that washed out roads and with no reinforcements flown in to assist police at the large base after three days of attack, “they had no option: They had to join the Taliban”:

“Police said that a young Jewish man on Sunday attempted to enter while wearing … small leather boxes containing sacred texts worn by Orthodox men at prayer” and then bit “a policeman who tried to remove him”:

Th managing director charged with overseeing the school insists the situation “is no different from if a school rented space from a Catholic church that then used those proceeds to fund other activities”:

“There is no connection between these air strikes against PKK and recent understandings to intensify U.S.-Turkey cooperation against ISIL” — Brett McGurk, deputy special presidential envoy for the counter-IS coalition:






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