News and Analysis (8/29/15)

“Amnesty International has condemned the three-year prison sentences given to three Al-Jazeera English journalists, calling them the ‘death knell for freedom of expression in Egypt’:

“[T]he permit, filed in June, was suddenly revoked Tuesday — less than a week from the scheduled event — after the group released a promotional flier reading: ‘Come share your talent with your Muslim family. Interested in performing, contact Sister Pilani at Masjid Ibaadillah'”:

“[N]ot only had the government known all along that Hamas was not in control of these charity organizations, it itself continued to provide financial aid (USAID) through these same entities for years after the HLF had been shut down and up to the early months leading to the first trial in 2007”:

“The manual allows for the stripping of due process and reporters who are deemed “belligerent” could be carted off to Gitmo and never heard from again. The manual states that they are not ruling out torturing journalists either”:

Treating Arabic as a terrorist language is only the tip of a Texas sized iceberg:

“The ruling was a setback for privacy advocates but did not reach the bigger question of whether the NSA’s actions were lawful. It means the massive program to collect and store phone records, disclosed … by … Edward Snowden, can continue unaffected until it expires at the end of November”:

“Majidi’s understanding of the pagan chasm out of which Islam emerged is in direct contravention of the Isis blockheads trying to dump it into a void outside of history. His film is intellectually honest, committed and poetic, but let’s hope we never need to call it ‘brave'”:

The government “arrested a 14-year-old boy who said he had been instructed to spy on the airport’s security procedures, including passenger screening and boarding processes, and report what he had learned. It said the man who directed the boy had not been located”:


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