News and Analysis (9/7/15)

The FBI’s brilliant plan to deter Americans from joining the Islamic State: Send those who choose NOT to join to prison for thirty years …

… while some equally brilliant British newspapers propose solving the Syrian refugee crisis by creating more Syrian refugees …

… because “[t]his mass migration from the Middle East and beyond is a direct result of the neocon foreign policy of regime change, invasion, and pushing ‘democracy’ at the barrel of a gun” …

… meanwhile, President Rouhani says, “Iran will sit at any table with regional countries and world powers if the outcome will be a safer, stable and democratic future for Syria,” calling the offer “part of Iran’s commitment to ‘international, Islamic and humane’ norms”:

“[A]mong some 6,200 candidates running for office for 92 parties, it seems certain that there will be not a single candidate from the Muslim population” and “hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been denied the right even to cast ballots”:

What Netanyahu means when he says Israel lacks the “demographic depth” to take in Syrian refugees, is that there are already too many non-Jews in the land:

“Free speech is non-negotiable and therefore, the demand to ban or proscribe any book, work or literature goes against our constitutional principles. [i]t will also be counterproductive because proscription or banning today … will actually make that work more popular”:

Allegations of police forcibly shaving men and of one man being beaten to death for wearing a beard reflect a “crackdown on religion, and everything connected with it … [that includes] restrictions on imports of hijabs and a drive to eliminate names considered to be ‘too Arabic’:

Turkey’s cease-fire with the PKK is over, which is bad news for the US-backed coalition against IS:

“Jazal is a medium-sized field that lies to the north-west of the rebel-held ancient city of Palmyra, close to a region that holds Syria’s main natural gas fields and multimillion-dollar extraction facilities”:






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