News and Analysis (9/16/15)

“[P]ublic opposition to what we later learned would have been a massive bombing campaign … succeeded without knowing about the rejected proposal for peace of 2012 … [but] the U.S. went right ahead inching its way into the war with trainers and weapons and drones”:

The enterprising 14-year-old was very proud of having built his own electronic clock, but when he tried to show and tell at school his teacher insisted it must be a bomb and had him arrested …

… but “The hashtag … was trending on Twitter all day on Wednesday” and since opening his own twitter account “Ahmed has been invited to visit NASA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (his “dream school”), and the White House – a personal invitation from President Obama”:

The unification of Yemen in 1990 was never stable, and once again we may see two governments in the country:

“Hungarian police issued a statement accusing “aggressive” migrants of breaking through the fence, but a United Nations official at the scene said the barrier did not appear to have been breached”:

“Allan staged the hunger strike to protest Israel’s controversial practice of “administrative detention,” which allows it to hold suspected militants without charge for months at a time” and his father fears the re-arrest will kill him:

Barbara Falconer Newhall is frightened by both the rigid Saudi interpretation of Islam and ISIS’s violent practice, but not by the “open-minded and loving” expression of the religion her Muslim friend who practices “Islam the way [her] mother does and the way [her] grandmother did”:







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