News and Analysis (9/22/15)

Forced out of the mosque he led for seventeen years” by an ethic-based split, Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini has a new project, to “see that the youth are empowered and assuming a leadership role in the Muslim community. Traditionally, in most mosques in Dearborn, there is no youth presence”:

Before deciding which of the many offers from other schools, the young Muslim will first meet with UN officials and then with the President of the United States …

… but “[f]or Muslims in the sciences, tech, engineering and math (Stem), Ahmed’s close call is not an isolated incident”:

Shahab “Ahmed’s vision of Islam, profoundly informed by more than 1,000 years of history, poetry, mysticism, science and philosophy, offers an authentic, sophisticated and inspiring alternative to the cramped, reductive and often violent versions that predominate today”:

The narratives of defectors “highlight the group’s contradictions and hypocrisies, and expose many of their promises as lies”:

A “22-year-old dental student from Sudan, who had lived in Sweden and Saudi Arabia before coming to Hungary for school. Of all the places she had lived, she said, Hungary was the hardest”:

Here’s a story Ben Carson can cite to prove that “Creeping Shari Law” is Communist-atheist plot:

Carson’s “clarification” that he could support a Muslim candidate who would denounce “Sharia Law” is as ignorant and absurd as saying he would support a Catholic who denounced Canon Law, a Conservative who denounced Natural Law, or a liberal who would denounce the Bill of Rights:






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