News and Analysis (9/28/15)

The realities of Western colonialism, American military bases, “American political and economic interventions, often violent” and “Israel, heavily armed with all forms of weapons of mass destruction, a cruel occupying force, and the regional superpower,” are overshadowed by “the Islamist Imaginary”:

The real lie is the pretense that the concession that “a person who faces religious persecution can withhold the identity of their faith in order to avoid bodily harm or death” is a secret plan for world domination:

“Twice in a decade, a jihadist wave had threatened to engulf the region. Twice, it seemed to the Jordanians, the American response had been to cut a fresh hole in the lifeboat”:

Children are being forced to learn about religion of a fourth of the earth’s population?! What next? Will they be forced to study math, science, art history, geography, literature and (shudder!) even biology?!

“The United States said on Monday it was willing to work with Russia, as well as Iran, to try to end the Syrian civil war but the two big powers clashed over whether or not Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should be included”:

“The Dutch proposal to the U.N. Human Rights Council, which could expose abuses on all sides of the war, follows the submission of another one co-sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Yemen that does not seek an international mission”:

“Both Afghan government leaders and the U.S.-led coalition view the defense of Kunduz as a key test of whether security forces could prevent the Taliban from expanding its reach in the country”:






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