News and Analysis (5/23-24/09)

American juries won’t accept contribution of FBI provocateurs with questionable backgrounds as an excuse for criminal activity:

Contradicting a Bush era acquiescence to Israeli expansionism, the Obama administration is pressing for a full stop on settlement expansion, including “natural growth” construction:

Are ulterior motives behind the imprisonment of Imama Zoubir?

“The U.S. has routinely used the arbitrary powers it assumed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism attacks to hold journalists without charge in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan” – the Committee to Protect Journalists:

Diplomacy and cooperation should lead the way to political stability:

Victims of sectarian violence remain stranded with no aid or hope to return to their past life:

Elements of Sufism and Wahabism are seen in what are considered Somlai “moderates:”


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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