News and Analysis (5/26/09)

Boumediene is seeking financial compensation after 7 years of false imprisonment in Guantanamo:

Despite a highly contested political election, Hezbollah’s opposition refuses to use an inflammatory and unconfirmed German report linking Hezbollah to the Hariri assassination in the campaign:

As the Israeli government encourages discriminatory practices to remove the Arab presence in Jaffa…

… The ultra-nationalist party would not only ban observation of the Nakba, but deny identity cards to anywho do not sign an oath to Israeli apartheid, i.e., itsĀ  perpetuation as “a Jewish, Zionist, and democratic [sic] state” …

… Meanwhile, Netanyahu proposes meaningless action under the guise of conciliatory gestures:

The decision could completely reshape the face of Pakistani politics:

Will the plan to reduce opium exports by monitoring Afghan borders only open new channels to China?


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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