News and Analysis (11/23/15)

Justification of “Labott’s suspension with reference to a supposed CNN standard that reporters are not supposed to be ‘predictably partisan’ … is an utter crock…. Glenn Greenwald has drawn up an extensive list of partisan opinions that caused no suspensions”:

“Al-Watan reported that he was charged with blasphemy, spreading atheism and having long hair, along with other charges. New York-based Human Rights Watch said Monday that Fayadh has denied the charges”:

Setting “an important international legal precedent,” South Africa will enforce Turkey’s warrants  “seeking the arrest of the Israeli commanders for their involvement in the 2010 Israeli attacks on the Mavi Marmara aid ship, which led to the deaths of nine humanitarian activists”:

“Wearing a [Mercedes] logo does not make you” a Mercedes:

Many ISIS “supporters rejected the group’s extreme violence and radicalism, they saw the group as a formidable opponent of Iran—’the real enemy,’” and “in fact, most didn’t even pray daily. They were Sunnis who cared about their group: us versus them”:

“The length of Rezaian’s imprisonment is unspecified and has not yet been finalized, according to Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi, the spokesman for Iran’s judiciary”:

“I got borderline angry that he would make such a comment and try to drive a wedge between Muslims serving in the U.S. armed forces and people who aren’t Muslim. I felt the need to call him out — particularly because Trump himself has never served”:

“The Brotherhood, which swept every vote held after Mubarak’s ouster until Morsi was overthrown, are boycotting the election, along with most secular, liberal and left-wing activists”:

“The terrorists want us to hate one another. They want to drive a wedge between Muslim communities and the wider society. So I think we really need to double up on our efforts to not let these divisions occur”:

There are “concerns that the legal proceedings against them were flawed and threats of violence by their supporters. A reporter was shot and wounded after covering the funeral of one of the men, though it was not clear who was responsible”:






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