News and Analysis (5/28/09)

In disbelief over what they call being ” put in jail for taking people out of their jail of poverty and starvation,” HLF members will appeal:

Obama hopes the move will add transparency and legitimacy while avoiding the pitfalls of covert CIA actions:

Between the uncompromising nature of Israeli nationalists…

… And Obama’s unwillingness to concede any settlement growth, something must give…

… However, stolen land isn’t the only problem as Israeli looting of the Palestinian aquifer continues:

A majority government lead by Hezbollah could cost Lebanon more than $200 million dollars annually in international aid:

In what some analysts consider “a prelude to the expulsion of the [remaining] Palestinian Arabs from Israel, the Knesset has passed a preliminary reading of the bill requiring an “loyalty oath” and a ban on the observing the Nakba:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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