News and Analysis (12/18/06)

“Every time my wife insisted we leave Iraq, I used to tell her to have hope. Then when the first mortar fell near my house I knew that death was knocking at my door.”

Editorial:US financial service company buys port operations in US from Dubai Ports World, “clos[ing] the chapter on one of the most embarrassing fits of isolationist hysteria in recent U.S. history.”

Indonesian woman finds empowerment through reciting the Qur’an in public:

“You can never have democracy if you can buy justice”

EU Report: “Muslims feel that acceptance by society is increasingly premised on ‘assimilation’ and the assumption that they should lose their Muslim identity”

Days after complaining about US attacks, 30 Iraqi Red Crescent workers were kidnapped from its headquarters by men posing as Interior Ministry’s special commandos:

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