News and Analysis (12/22/15)

“[S]ome of the Muslim passengers gave non-Muslims head scarfs to try and conceal their identities” and “a brave Muslim man fooled the attackers by saying that a truck full of police officers that was escorting bus was not far behind” …

… while in the USA a soldier says, “I am not Muslim, but when anyone says the Army that I served with will go on to remove Muslims from my country, they’ll have to take me too, because then and there I will publicly convert….  My American heart will not let me do anything less”:

“Luntz asked panelists if they were Muslim first or American first. ‘… I can be both at the same time. I don’t choose one over the other. I am an American-Muslim. I am both, simultaneously,’ [one] female panelist responded. ‘Are you American or a Christian?’” another asked in return:

Some Muslims celebrate the Prophet (pbuh)’s birthday, even though it is not an official Muslim holiday; so, given that Muslims accept Jesus (pbuh) as the Messiah, as long we don’t accept the myth of divine incarnation, celebrating his birth can be as halal as eating apple pie:

“Islamic State presents [irja, the doctrine that only God can decide who is a true Muslim] as a lack of religious piety. It is, however, true piety combined with humility … [unlike] … the Islamic State’s zeal to dictate, … the arrogance of judging all other men, and claiming power over them”:

“A fallout with Russia that threatens Turkey’s gas imports is a prime reason to restore ties with Israel, but the Gaza blockade remains a sticking point”:






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