News and Analysis (1/16/16)

“The decision comes after objections to a proposal to keep schools open on the Jewish holy days … for the first time in more than three decades. Maryland law already requires schools to be closed on days that include [3] Christian holidays”:

Four teachers claimed to be victims of forged resignation letters but the court believe only the Christian, not the three Muslims:

“Not only are Muslim Americans successfully integrating into U.S. society, they are actually more opposed to intolerance and violence than many other Americans”:

“I’m a very headstrong person. I do not think I have to sacrifice my scarf just because some people think that we’re the problem. I’m going to wear my head scarf even if I get hate. I’m going to live through it”:

“I don’t think the Mosul offensive could happen this year. I don’t think the Iraqi armed forces are ready and I don’t think the (U.S.-led) coalition is confident in the ability of everyone to get ready in time for an offensive this year”:

Mohammad Javad  Zarif predicted that the IAES would certify Iran’s compliance and “that all parties would ‘not allow the outcome of these talks to be wasted’” and sanctions lifted today:

“Travel writer Judith Fein said she created the lecture series to provide a direct counterpoint to blatant prejudice against Muslims…. Fein said the Muslims she has met worldwide bear no resemblance to the stereotypes”:






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