News and Analysis (2/10/16)

“More than 4,600 academics from across the globe have signed an open letter protesting against the death of Giulio Regeni, a Cambridge PhD student from Italy whose body was found on the outskirts of Cairo bearing signs of torture”:

A kindly shop owner graciously offers four Muslim visitors a place to pray and an Islamophobic troll spreads vicious lies turning the act of kindness into a horror story of oppression:

Tunisia’s “constitution that stipulates freedom of conscience and guarantees the rights of women and minorities … is the fruit of peaceful cooperation between moderate secularists and moderate Islamists”:

Generally, converts to Islam, are “incensed above all else by the fact that a tiny, extreme minority of backward-thinking Islamists has tainted the view of the world on their faith and made their lives harder” …

… but says one, “Key in all of this, though, is that I questioned absolutely everything – as is absolutely necessary in a religious conversion. You question yourself. You question what you hear, and what you read”:

Because his duties as chief would require him, among other things, to pray to tribal ancestors instead of the God of Abraham, the Congress of Traditional Leaders say that the grandson of Nelson Mandela must step down:

“The way Barbie dresses is very skimpy and different and there’s nothing wrong with it. I just wanted to give another option for Muslim girls like me”:

“Two men repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped on the head of an 81-year-old Muslim man, killing him as he walked to his mosque in Rotherham for morning prayers, a court heard”:

“Yousef, had never felt any disconnect between being a Muslim and being an American until his sisters were killed. He was like everyone else… But seeing how the media covered the story of the murders made him feel different”:







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